GO0D MAN - Zero-Defect Manufacturing GO0D MAN - Zero-Defect Manufacturing




GO0D MAN: Agent oriented zero defect multi stage manufacturing

Duration: 2016-2019, 36 months

Funding: European Commission under Horizon 2020

Website: go0dman-project.eu

Competenze: Advanced Sensing, Artificial Intelligence

Macrotrend: Factory of the Future


The project:

The GO0D MAN project is part of the 4ZDM cluster (Zero-Defect Manufacturing) and aims to develop and carry out technologies that can be implemented in a production line in order to prevent the generation and propagation of defects, from the perspective of ‘Zero Defect Manufacturing’. The ultimate goal is to develop a production strategy that can guarantee high quality of products without interfering, actually improving, the production efficiency of the entire system.

GO0D MAN Concept The real time and early identification of deviations and trends, performed in each quality control stations of a multi-stage production line, allow to prevent the generation of defects at single stage and their propagation to down-stream processes, enabling the global system to be predictive (early detection of process faults) and proactive (self-adaptation to different conditions).

Effective use of such large amount of data is the key enabling factor for the successful achievement of ZDM strategy. Data analysis, in order to extract knowledge, will impact on product quality, waste and scraps reduction, energy efficiency and production rate and cost, in line with ZDM policies. Furthermore, the use of the overall information will permit build-up of knowledge extremely relevant for a continuous process improvement according to quality policies.





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