Within the FED4SAE project, Zannini will develop a new integrated and interoperable solution to connect different types of machines through an open system that can be easily scaled and modified. This will be composed by an open source infrastructure for distributed industrial process measurement and control systems based on the 4DIAC platform, with a STM32 based solution as production machine add-on hardware.

To demonstrate the system functionality, the solution will be installed in three turning machines, with three different generations of machine control technologies. Machine operators and production managers will be able to monitor and control status and parameter data from these machines, enabling them to increase the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by discovering problems and process inefficiencies faster.


The project will generate impact in several ways. The first one is to establish a digital infrastructure that allows Zannini to gather operational status data from tool machines, which in turn can be used to improve production management processes, with the goal of increasing the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of these machines by an amount between 5% and 10%. The second reason is to permit Zannini to gain knowledge about the advantages of open software and hardware platforms for machine connectivity over commercial ones, so as to gain a competitive advantage in a fast changing market. Furthermore, the know-how that will be generated during the project, it will also introduce the possibility for Zannini to create new services or even products for other companies.

Project duration                                              12 months, from July 2019 to June 2020

Founding                                                            European Commission under Horizon 2020

Value of eligible costs of the project      82.281,25 €

Contribution of the European Funds        57.596,87 €



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